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Volunteering at its best..

Volunteering at its best..

Strode’s Health and Social care students Josh Hilsdon and Jesee Carter have been volunteering at Runnymede Mental Health Trust centre.  They attend most Wednesday afternoons and have become part of the family, as they joining in and socialising with the lunch club.   Josh and Jesee are very valued and are well thought of at the club, so much so that they were invited to the official hand over of the centre to the church.

The church took over the centre at the end of last year and Strode’s were specifically thanked for helping with the takeover process which has left an impressionable view of the College when the  speech was delivered in the presence of the Mayor elect.

Plans to expand the volunteering programme during the course of the next year are underway, with one of the aims focused on getting Strode’s students participating and enjoying the activities, just as Jesee and Josh have done.

This project is one of many in the community that Strode’s Health and Social care students are actively involved in. 


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