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Third Student Parliament

Third Student Parliament

On Wednesday April 22 the College held its third student parliament of the academic year.

Tutor reps from all levels and years came together to discuss concerns, issues  and the students they represent in contributing ideas to the College planning.


As ever students joined in really positively and made their views known in a professional and convincing fashion.  Part of the debate was the forthcoming student union elections (April 30-6 May) and the opportunities to stand for the student union executive positions. Certainly the confidence and thoughtfulness of comments suggests there were some budding executive members in the audience!


Students contributed specific ideas around developing employability skills and how the College can communicate better with students.  A popular idea was more work experience opportunities, developing the College community better at the start of the year to make more friends and a rolling calendar of events on Moodle that informed students what was going on when.  Students also discussed a video for the leavers day event and we hope that students will join in with this! 


The end was closed by Phil Radcliff governor who talked of the importance of learner voice and of young people making and taking opportunities to develop their wider skills. Phil commented, “it is something of a privilege for me as a Governor to witness the College at work in quite this way and I have found the openness and energy which you as tutor reps and members of the student council brought to the discussions very refreshing - it truly is Sixth form college education at its best and I can assure you that future employers will be very attracted to people with these kind of experiences and leadership skills.”

Another successful parliament which students were very positive about.


The College is also proud that 78 students have recently registered as part of our voter registration drive supported by the current Student council executive!

Let's hope everyone joins in with our forthcoming student union elections and votes in the general election on May 7 if they are 18!

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