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Fantastic Dance Show

Fantastic Dance Show


What a night…. Strode’s College Dance students pulled out all the stops as they amazed the audience when they showcased their work at The Magna Carta School on Monday evening.

The dance showcase presented an eclectic mix of pieces from genres of dance, ranging from contemporary, jazz, musical theatre and modern ballet.

DSC_0005.JPG  DSC_0039.JPG  DSC_0011.JPG  DSC_0016.JPG  DSC_0046.JPG  DSC_0058.JPG  DSC_0079.JPG  DSC_0082.JPG  DSC_0087.JPG  DSC_0139.JPG  DSC_0164.JPG  DSC_0177.JPG  DSC_0192.JPG  DSC_0214.JPG  DSC_0341.JPG  DSC_0363.JPG  DSC_0401.JPG  DSC_0416.JPG  DSC_0422.JPG 

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