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Magna Carta Mosaic

Magna Carta Mosaic

Can you remember that, our BTEC Art and Design students were given a fantastic opportunity to design and make a commemorative Magna Carta mosaic with Kim Porelli the commissioned mosaic artist?

Earlier this week Kim came into Strode’s to work alongside our students to help them cut and secure some of the tiles onto the finalized mosaic design.  The students worked in different groups on different sections of the mosaic.

Next week the students will be helping install the finished mosaic in the passageway between the High Street and Waitrose.

How exciting – we can’t wait to see it! 

DSC_0440.JPG  DSC_0430.JPG  DSC_0436.JPG  DSC_0435.JPG  DSC_0442.JPG  DSC_0443.JPG  DSC_0444.JPG  DSC_0445.JPG  DSC_0446.JPG  DSC_0447.JPG  DSC_0448.JPG  DSC_0450.JPG 

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