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London Airport Expansion

London Airport Expansion

Recently our Travel and Tourism, Geography and Economics students attend a lecture on ”The

 Future of Airport Expansion in the South East of England’ by Nigel Milton.


The students listened passionately as Nigel, who leads the Heathrow Airports Ltd’s Public Affairs and Community Relations teams talked about the need to keep Heathrow airport our UK hub airport.  Allowing Heathrow  to keep up with the pace of change, progression and growth, especially that coming from the Far East and China in particular.


Nigel also spoke about some of the counter arguments in terms of environmental and social concerns and strategies to minimise the impacts of a new 3rd runway – including a change in flight paths and the impact of more efficient and cleaner aircraft such as the Airbus A380.


Joe Evans, A Level Geography Student commented, “That Nigel was an outstanding speaker,  who really knew the ins and outs of the project and he made us understand what an important issue this is for the local area and the UK as a whole. “


Emma Buckwell a BTEC Travel and Tourism Student also added, “That she was not aware of the massive consequences of this debate and now understands why this issue has been put on hold until after the general election. “


The lecture has been incredibly useful for the Travel and Tourism students who are currently looking at the impacts of airport expansion on inbound and domestic tourism in the UK.


A massive thank you to Nigel for his time and energies at this important time for the debate. 


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