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Adrenaline Junkies

Adrenaline Junkies

The snow came down, but that did not deter Strode’s Public Services BTEC students as they braved the elements to participate in an adrenaline filled day of military style team building.


The day began with the students climbing a high ropes course at Brookland’s College, where students donned a harness, ascended the climbing wall, completed the Jacob’s ladder and built a tall, but somewhat precarious tower out of milk creates. Students learned rope skills and mastered how to belay whilst relying on teamwork and communication skills to assisted each other in climbing the wall whilst blindfolded.


After a quick pit stop for lunch and a chance to warm up and get the feeling back in to their toes, it was off to the Henfold lakes in Dorking. This military style assault course led by ex-paratroopers saw students put through their paces climbing in and out of muddy water, relentlessly breaking up the ice on their way in and fighting to free their shoes from the thick mud on their way out.


Students worked together to overcome the freezing water and conquer numerous obstacles including the “Nutcracker,” and the “Tarzan swing.”


An action packed day full of fun, exhaustion and team work.

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