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Oxbridge congratulations

Oxbridge congratulations

A record number of Strode’s students have received offers from Oxford and Cambridge Universities. 

The 18 and 19 year olds received the good news following a lengthy application and selection process which included very tough interviews at the universities.  Alex Liddiard received an offer from Cambridge to read Maths with Physics and Michael Venables, reading Maths, Isaac Dilworth, reading History and Polly Thisdell, reading Chemistry, have all received offers from Oxford. 

Alex Liddiard, who achieved great results from Magna Carta School with 6 A* and 4 A grades,  is now working towards achieving fantastic results at Strode’s before attending Churchill College, Cambridge to ready Mathematics with Physics.  Alex underwent a one hour aptitude test followed by three interviews, two for maths (pure and applied) and one for physics. Alex said “it was a great experience and was worthwhile not only for the potential offer but also for the insight into the atmosphere and teaching styles at university”.

Michael Venables, who was home educated prior to coming to Strode’s, achieved fantastic results in his GCSEs including A* in Maths and Chinese.  In a sign of the times Michael was interviewed for Oxford over Skype whilst on holiday. He commented that “the interview was strange!” Michael is predicated to achieved A* A* in both Maths and Further Maths and A in English Literature here at Strode’s.

Isaac Dilworth, who achieved wonderful results from Orleans Park School, 8 A* and 5 A grades and is predicted 3 A* grades in his A Levels from Strode’s in Maths, English Literature and History, is planning to read History at Oxford in September.  Isaac found the two interviews scary, but surprisingly fun, and is looking forward to starting his next journey.

Polly Thisdell, who previously attended Sir William Perkin’s School, came to Strode’s College with excellent GCSE results, 6 A*s and 4 As, and is currently studying Math, Further Maths and Chemistry here at Strode’s.  During her interview process for Oxford, Polly was interviewed at Wadham and at St Hugh's, and stayed over at Wadham to soak up the atmosphere in and around the university campus.   Polly is planning to attend Wadham College, Oxford to read Chemistry. 

Congratulations go to all of our future Oxbridge students on their success. Anne Fielding Smith, Strode’s Principal said, “these offers are fantastic news for the students, their teachers and the College. It is harder than ever to receive an offer from Oxford and Cambridge these days, so these students really deserve this success!  I’d also like to congratulate all the Strode’s students who applied for Oxbridge this year and to thank the teachers and support staff who helped them with their applications.

This year, 360 Strode’s students have applied to university, including 60 former students. We wish them all the very best of luck with their applications and look forward to hearing about their offers as they start to arrive over the next few months!’


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