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Equality and Diversity Calendar Competition

Equality and Diversity Calendar Competition

Thank you to everyone who sent in their poster for the first ever diversity calendar competition. We had over 30 entries and the quality of posters was very high. 

The aim of the calendar was to encourage students to think about diversity and what it means to live in a diverse community and society. Students were asked to express their ideas in a creative and interesting way in order to produce a poster which informed and engaged others.  Whilst students were free to work on the poster in their own time for individual entries we also had a large number of entries from classes, particularly Sociology, Citizenship and Business BTEC Level 2.

The judging panel was made up from the Senior Leadership Team, who shortlisted and chose the winning images from those posters that they decided best captured the spirit of the brief. 

Congratulations go to Hannah Lynch, Aofie Murrary and Chloe Phillips from BTEC Business who will receive a £15 voucher for the winning poster which will feature on the front of the cover of the calendar; all of the other winning entries will be featured within the calendar and will receive a £10 voucher along with a copy of the printed calendar.
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