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Celebrating the Magna Carta

Celebrating the Magna Carta

Our BTEC Art and Design students have been given a fantastic opportunity to design and make a commemorative Magna Carta mosaic with Kim Porelli the commissioned mosaic artist. 

The Magna Carta was sealed at Runnymede in June 1215. It was a document which contained over 4,000 words and 63 clauses. It was an agreement between King John and his barons which put the king below the law, it meant that John could not continue with his unpopular way of ruling and he had to obey the laws like everyone else. Although Magna Carta has been altered and re-issued many time over the centuries it is of huge importance. It forms the basis of our legal and justice systems.

In June 2015 it will be 800 years since the Magna Carta was sealed. There will be celebrations in Runnymede and Egham which will be of local, national and international importance. As part of these celebrations Strode’s Art and Design students will be working on the Magna Carta Community Mosaic project. This project is being coordinated by Royal Holloway’s Community Action group which is involving a number of College’s students to facilitate this project in local schools working with the artist Kim Porelli.

The mosaic was suggested as the Waitrose/Travelodge developers (Albemarle) could not transfer the Magna Carta mural in the old walkway between the High Street and the previous car park to another location. The local council, Runnymede allocated the developer funding and Surrey County Councilor’s added a further funding and agreed jointly to involve the local community through three local schools Manorcroft Primary, Thorpe Lea Primary, Hythe Community Primary, The Magna Carta school and Strode’s College in celebrating the 800 year anniversary.

Strode’s students are in the process of coming up with a simple design which can be used over the eight wall panels tying the whole mosaic together using the themes of the river, Magna Carta’s values of liberty and freedom, democracy, justice, human rights and peace and the celebration of 800 years since the sealing of the Magna Carta.
A volunteer team from Royal Holloway University led a design session with our students to give them the background resources to contextualise the project, including a short PowerPoint presentation and introductory video.

The commissioned mosaic artist Kim Porelli will be coming in to Strode’s later in the term to create some of the parts of the actual mosaic alongside the students before the final mosaic will be installed in the walkway off the High Street by Easter week-end.

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