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student parliament

student parliament
On 17 December at the second student parliament of the academic year, over 36 tutor reps engaged in an excellent discussion about the sort of College they wanted Strode’s to be in 3 years’ time. This was part of the College’s preparation for the next strategic plan which is due in 2015. After having completed an exercise with their tutor group prior to the Parliament, reps discussed the College’s existing values and discussed how well they thought the College was meeting them. After this the reps considered additional values- words and ideas- that they though could be added to our College list. The range of ideas was really impressive but a stated ‘students first’ value was a popular idea as well as the importance of developing ‘happy and healthy’ students and being ‘effectively equipped for work’ were popular. The students also considered actions the College should be taking to better meet the values including the proposed ones.
The students were really mature about a difficult exercise and came up with some really useful material which will be invaluable for SLT and governors when they look at the strategic plan next year. The parliament also heard an update from the student council on their activity including the contribution of exe members to Ofsted focus groups, the re writing the Student Council constitution and its re launching as a student union next year to give greater representation to L2 students. Finally an account of the fantastic work of the charity committee (a sub group of the Student Council) which have raised over £600 so far this year! The finale was a video made especially for the Parliament called the Strode’s Nativity – a comic reworking of the traditional story! This was a festive and fun way to round off a really useful afternoon where the students worked really hard on a difficult topic. The next Parliament is on 22 April 2015. Thank you to the tutors who helped prepare the students so well.


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