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Students studying Level 2 Health and Social Care at Strode’s College recently enjoyed a visit to Playbox Preschool in Egham where they listened to an early years educational talk from the Preschool Manager, Sian Williams. This visit is an important part of the syllabus as it provides the students with relevant industry information.

Playbox Nursery is a church run pre-school in Egham attended by children from the age of two up to school age. Following the talk, Sian answered students questions about the responsibilities of the nursery and the carers, the cost of nursery care for the young children and the wages for workers within the childcare industry.

Sian also shared with the students how the wider childcare industry has created a recruitment initiative to get more male representation within the industry, as currently working in childcare is often seen as a predominantly female occupation, despite the fact that male carers have much to offer including acting as a positive role model for boys.

Following the question and answer session and for the remainder of the morning the students worked with the staff and children where they engaged in all the learning activities; library, food (pretend and real), construction toys, role playing, observing outdoor play and playdoh.
A fun but eye opening day for all involved.

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