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House of Parliament Visit

House of Parliament Visit

First year Politics students were given the opportunity to enjoy an interactive experience about politics by visiting the House of Lords and Parliament in Central London.

The Politics students attended Parliament in order to gain a more hands on and in-depth experience of how Parliament works. They were invited into the House of Lords to listen to members discussing proposals about the Assisted Dying Bill.


Strode’s students enacted a national electoral ballot and were given the opportunity to act as representatives and voters for their own parties. Students said, they ‘enjoyed the interactive aspects of the visit particularly meeting the challenge of wearing their hats to the bitter end!’


All student parties raised key issues, which were insightful, such as the reduction of tuition fees for all future university students and free transport for sixth form students. The winning party decided that more representation of women in Parliament was needed and finally won for their overall ideas and persuasive powers.


Students enjoyed learning about the contrasting historical and modern elements of Parliament and about its functions.


Staff at Parliament commented on how well informed the students were from Strode’s.

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