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Performing Arts Showcase

Performing Arts Showcase
Performing Arts Showcase

A very successful opening showcase of the Btec First & Second year courses was performed on Wednesday 23rd & Thursday 24th November.  A packed audience supported our students as they performed extracts of the award winning show ‘Punk Rock’ as a part of the Principals of Acting Unit.  
Students demonstrated professional attitudes and pushed themselves to new heights as they performed 3 dimensional characters, risky relationships and confrontational teenage issues.  All first year students sustained their performances and managed to create humour within challenging text adding detail choreography engaging the full house totally.  The second years took to the stage as individuals showcasing classical & modern monologues that they are preparing for future auditions at Drama School, University or to offer to agents.
Overall the standard of these young students was very high with some exceptional performances.  Thank you to Michael Heath & Suri Pyri, our Governors, & Amanda Down our Director of Faculty for supporting us, the teachers of the Drama Department and other teachers who allowed us time to perfect and improve these performances. 

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