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Children in Need

Children in Need
Current students from our “event planning, enrichment project” put their best leg forward and agreed to be waxed in aid of Children in Need today. The group of very brave male students helped raise money by having their legs waxed bare during lunch hour in the Student Centre in front of all their friends and other students.

Charlie, one of the students taking part said “I was very worried before they started as I have never had my leg hairs removed before, but when it was getting done it wasn’t too bad” … I think you will agree the boys faces tell a different story!

Charlie also went on to say “whilst supporting all charities is important to us, we chose Children in Need because we can relate to it as young adults.”
They team also travelled around the College selling home-made cakes and tuck shop sweets after seven hours of baking!
Well done guys, we are looking forward to finding out how much you have raised for the great charity. Great fun and all for a good cause!’’

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