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Celebrating 100% Attendance

Celebrating 100%  Attendance

Hundreds of Strode’s students have been commended this week for achieving 100% attendance in the first half term of the academic year, attending every single lesson on their timetable and demonstrating outstanding commitment to their studies.

College Principal Anne Fielding Smith said, ‘This is fantastic news and it was great to see so many students today wanting to celebrate their excellent attendance in a really positive way. There is a proven link between levels of attendance at College and exam success. We know, for example, that as attendance goes up, grades also increase which is brilliant news for students and for the College.’

All of the 100% attendance students were invited to celebrate their achievement where they were presented with a small token chosen by the Student Council and placed into a prize draw.  Anne Fielding Smith then drew the winning tickets and presented the four lucky winners with £20.00 Amazon vouchers. Our congratulations go to Hannah Swinburn,   Jemma White, Lucy-Ann Rosher  and Amy Mawer.

Looking ahead, these celebrations of great attendance will take place every half term until the end of the year as a spur to all students to attend every class. There will be significant prizes at the end of the academic year for students who have 100% attendance since the start of the year including an ipad mini. To incentivise other students to continue to improve their attendance, the clock will start again giving everyone a new opportunity to aim for 100% over the next half term until Christmas and receive a prize.  At the end of the year, prizes will also be available to the classes as well as the teacher with the best attendance.

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