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Question Time with Anne Fielding Smith

Question Time with Anne Fielding Smith

On Monday 10th November in Coopers’ Hall students gathered for an “Open Mic Question Time” discussion with the Strode’s College Principal, Anne Fielding Smith and her Senior Leadership Team, Rowan Cookson, Assistant Principal of Curriculum, Mark Rhodes, Assistant Principal of Quality, Rachel Burgess, Director of Finance and Bernadette Joslin, Director of Guidance. 

This Open Mic Question Time event will be a regular part of the College’s commitment to hearing the Learner Voice as it gives our students the chance to go straight to the top to have their voices heard and their questions answered.

The session was opened by Usama, our Student President, who took to the floor to ask the students to ensure they took this unique opportunity to ask their burning questions about anything and everything to do with the College and student life at Strode’s.

Questions ranged from University applications to suggestions for how to improve and enhance the student experience for the future.

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