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Design Students Awarded Prize at EBP Awards Ceremony

Design Students Awarded Prize at EBP Awards Cer...

Design Students Awarded Prize at EBP Awards Ceremony

Links were formed last year between Strode’s College and the Education Facilitator of Thorpe Park,  A  design project was agreed, based around the new Storm Surge water ride which was due to open April 2011.

The outcome of this was that all 23 AS Graphic Product students used the models produced in their Product Manufacturing coursework.

Kristianne Martin-Reed and I’m George Scofield  represented the College at the annual Education Business Partnership Awards at Thorpe Park and were highly commended  on their project, done in collaboration with Thorpe Park.

In their presentation, they said, 'Chris,  the Education Facilitator of Thorpe Park,  explained the importance of branding strategies and how these are advertised to the potential customer. He also explained the importance of sustainability issues relating to natural habitats and environmental impacts. Our project related to the installation of the new “storm Surge” attraction. We were set a variety of possible tasks from which we could choose and we were asked to consider how to provide a visual focal point at the top of the inclined ramp and to re-design the covered boarding area. We were challenged to create something that made use of the dead space at the bottom of the return loop.

 This project was worth 20% of our total AS grade and the focus was on manufacturing a scale-model of our design proposal.

We learnt many new skills, experimented with a large range of resistant materials and modelling techniques.

 Storm surge has been a great success for Thorpe Park and our project has been a great success with mutually beneficial outcomes for all concerned. We have learnt about some of the marketing, design and engineering careers that are available within the leisure industry.

Every season Thorpe Park always employs lots of Strode’s students; and earlier this summer Matt Rogers one of the 2nd year Resistant Materials students was offered a permanent engineering apprenticeship.

The partnership between Thorpe Park and Strode’s will now continue to grow and Chris and our teacher are collaborating again on   another design project, based around the new “Swarm” roller-coaster that is opening next year.



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