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Congratulations go to Mel

Congratulations go to Mel

We would like to congratulate Melody Ebsworth, a second year student currently studying BTEC Media Production, Film Studies and Photography here at Strode’s for successful landing herself an Internship with Couture Stories.


Couture Stories is a brand new project that has be started with the desire to bring inspiration from fashion, home and living to the audience of young women aged between 20 – 35. The content is advice oriented and contains topics such as new trends, interior design, travel, reviews of hip hotels, bars and restaurants around the world, interviews with inspirational personalities from fashion and design community, creative ideas and more."


Mel will be writing 4-5 blogs for them a week in lifestyle, creativity, fashion and feature stories section.


Mel’s first posts should be up in a few weeks so we will keep you posted.



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