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First student parliament at Strode’s College a great success

First student parliament at Strode’s College a ...

The Principal opened the first student parliament at Strode’s College on 8 October 2014 and described it as ‘an exciting new initiative and a new way of expressing learner voice’.

For the first time the Students Council has come together with the tutor reps to discuss issues of concern and priorities for Student Council activity over the next academic year.’ The Principal commented, ‘it was fantastic to see so many students attending and participating’. Fifty students attended which was excellent given many gave up free time to come along and a very active discussion ensued about concerns and how issues could be addressed. Key issues that emerged included  positive feedback about the new timetable, concerns about new seating arrangements in the Learning Centre, the positive start to the year with the motivational speaker as well as really great ideas for improving attendance and punctuality.  Specific feedback to student’s suggestions will be given through Moodle as well as display in the Student Centre.

Learners clearly do want to have their voices heard and are willing to help play their role in doing their bit to improve things in the College. As the Principal said ‘it is a priority for the College to listen better to learners and act on their comments and feedback. Every member of staff has a responsibility to ensure we take this seriously. One characteristic of outstanding colleges is their robust learner voice systems’. She also explained to the reps that they would have a key role in contributing to the College’s next 3 year strategic plan at a forthcoming meeting.

Two further parliaments will be held on December 17 2014 and April 22 2015.

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