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Classified files of a superhero

Classified files of a superhero

Huge congratulations go to Ellie Egleton for getting her first comic book published “Classified files of a superhero”. Ellie left Strode’s in July 2014 after achieving fantastic results in Sociology, English and History and is now currently reading Criminology and Sociology at the University of Surrey.

Ellie got her inspiration from her Dad who has been collecting comic books since childhood.  When Ellie realised she couldn’t draw (her word’s not mine) she moved over to writing and continued her love affair with comics by working on a magazine with a group of friends in secondary school.

Classified Files of a Superhero, which Ellie started to write when she was in Year 9, is set at Power Punch Boot Camp, a summer camp for super powered kids. The book follows the journey of four super kids and a wannabe villain who team up to become the heroic Supers team, led by the city’s greatest hero, the conceited, Captain Boom. As the Supers go head to head against hundreds of villainous Busters, led by the evil Professor Pain, the team bonds and learns exactly what it is like to be a superhero.

Already Ellie is working on her sequel, “Classified Files of a Supervillain”, which is set in the same camp during Halloween. The story features the heroic Supers team as they take on a new team of villains including Wereboy, Suckula, Swampy Mash, the Bandaged Baddie and last, but by far the scariest, the Abaddon.

We are all very proud of Ellie and the fact that all of her hard work is now paying off, and cannot wait to read the next adventures of the Supers team. If you would like to purchase Ellie’s book it is available at Amazon or follow the link below.



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