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Induction at Strode’s College this year felt and sounded very different when motivational speaker Mikel Ameen, from the Fix Up Team, was invited to energise our new students by building their self-belief, encouraging them to make success a part of their everyday student life and to cast away any self-doubts.

Mikel motivated the students to engage and support each other as they begin their new academic journey, ensuring they enter Strode’s with a positive attitude and a successful mindset … or in his words “you are all amazing”

The induction process at Strode’s is designed to help students succeed both academically and socially in their first year of College, to help them feel more confident by providing opportunities to meet and get to know other students and to learn about the resources and support available at the College.

Our thanks go to Mikel and the Fix Up Team and to all of the amazing students who took part in this year’s induction

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