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Royal Holloway College Marketing Challenge

Royal Holloway College Marketing Challenge

Royal Holloway University Marketing Challenge


Local Colleges were invited to participate in this year’s marketing challenge, which took place on the 18th November at Royal Holloway College, University of London. This year’s competition centred around a strategy to devise a plan to publicise World Peace Day. This was part of Royal Holloway’s widening participation scheme and this year was particularly vibrant.


The Strode’s College students came up with an idea of balloons which while a fly away success could not compete with the winning idea of turning weapons into sculpture.


Alex Gill (second year student at Strode's College) writes, ‘Our team consisted of 6 other people. We joined 10 other teams at the University, all from colleges around the area. We were given a presentation by two representatives from major companies, who lectured us about the current market and their roles. We were then given a brief, which was to find a way to make people aware of World Peace Day which is due to happen on 21st September 2012. We were then given a lecture on all the marketing stages such as the Marketing Mix etc. After, we came up with our ideas and split into two teams, one for the design and the other for the presentation side. We had lunch in the famous art gallery (see photo), and after we set off to the different places to undertake our work. From then, we had 2 hours to complete it. After, we met up again, had dinner and finalised our ideas. We finally presented our ideas at a presentation in one of the main lecture studios, together with the many different ideas from the other colleges. Our whole team enjoyed the day, which ended in all of us receiving a gift bag! It was a very well-organised event, and I thoroughly enjoyed myself.

I recommend this to anyone who is interested in a career in business and wants something to demonstrate that on their CV


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