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Greek Creativity in Classical Civilisation

Greek Creativity in Classical Civilisation

Our Classical Civilisation students were recently set number of exercises designed to tap into their creativity.


Producing a short film about “a day in the life of an Athenian visiting the theatre” gave the students the freedom to create using a variety of mediums ... check out the link below to see a great example from Tom, who produced a stop motion film with Lego.


Another task was to bring to life the conventions of Greek theatres by creating a ‘diorama’ (a model) using any materials of their choice. The brief brought a wide range of dioramas made from materials such as sticky back plastic, card, clay etc. Zoe even sculpted her diorama as a cake … what a master piece and it tasted amazing too !!


In a separate brief, students researched two playwrights, Euripides and Sophocles, and then created masks to represent each of them. Have a look at these amazing creations from Tanika.


Great work guys… keep it up.



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