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Video Installation Exhibition

Video Installation Exhibition

The second year students on the BTEC Media: Television and Film Production course pulled out all the stops for their end of term video installation exhibition held on Thursday 22nd May in the Media Department at Strode’s College.

The students have been busy creating and developing their own video installation work based on the theme “moving on” as a key part of their final year projects. To support their work they have conducted extensive research of successful video artists and attended a recent exhibition at the Tate Britain and Tate Modern art galleries in London.

Some students produced personal pieces, working through the apprehension they have about “moving on” from College, while others played with abstractions on the theme, questioning whether humanity really moves on from the past, learning from our mistakes, or are we programed to repeat them over and over again?

As well as being assessed as part of their exam the Media department also asked visitors to the exhibition to vote for their favourite piece. The students with the most votes will receive the “audience choice award” at our prestigious “Henry’s” award ceremony (Strode’s version of the OSCARS) which takes place on Tuesday 1st July.

A fantastic night was had by all!

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