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a trip of a life time to Tanzania

 a trip of a life time to Tanzania

The Worshipful Company of Coopers is one of the oldest in the City of London. In modern times it has evolved into the trustee of 6 principal charities, and a social and charitable enterprise that harnesses the skills and resources of its members to support a wide variety of causes.
Henry Strode, the founder of the original Strode’s School, had been a Master of the Company and in the early days it administered the charity under which the school was run. One of the most tangible links is represented by the award of two Travel Bursaries.

Two annual awards are made by the Coopers’ Company to students for travel to further their studies. They enable students to embark upon more ambitious travel projects than might otherwise be possible. They can be used for example, to collect material for a project which is part of an examination specification or to extend one’s knowledge and understanding of another culture.

Coopers’ Travel Bursary Winner 2014 is Rebecca Harrington 
Rebecca’s ultimate plan is medicine at university and anyone who’s researched the process or been through it will know full well how challenging finding the appropriate work experience is. Rebecca has been fortunate enough to have a permanent weekly volunteering placement at Kingston Hospital as a mealtime assistant for the elderly and an A&E supporter. She has also got several hospital placements lined up for the summer but she still felt that she could do more!

Rebecca and her friend initially researched medical placements in Thailand, however due to the political unrest and the advice of Gapmedics, the company with whom they are travelling; they decided to switch their interest to Tanzania.

The girls focus is not solely focussed on the excitement of travelling and visiting Africa, but also centred on experiencing medicine within a global perspective, in a country where expensive equipment and ample provision of healthcare staff aren’t realities and where people have to think innovatively and work resiliently to ensure the well-being of their communities. They will be working normal hospital hours, shadowing the staff during the week and getting full access to elements of their future careers that would not be possible in the UK, which will give them an amazing insight into the role of a doctor.

They are given the evenings off to attend ‘global healthcare tutorials’ and explore the area around where they will be living, right at the base of Mount Kilimanjaro, and will be given the opportunity to experience a safari. The girls fly out to Moshi in Tanzania, via Nairobi on the 19th July for two weeks.

We wish Rebecca a safe journey and hope she stills wants to purser her passion for medicine after this wonderful trip of a life time.

Can’t wait to see the photos Rebecca! 


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