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The Particle Physics Master Class

The Particle Physics Master Class

AS Physics students attended a dedicated Physics master class at the Royal Holloway University. The purpose of the visit was to give the students first-hand experience of studying physics at university, including attending lectures, simulations and hands on workshops.

During the day the students were introduced to a number of concepts such as the “Structure of Matter”, where they were shown a timeline into atomic models, “Fundamental Particles” such as quarks, leptons, baryons and meson and “Dark Matter and Structure of the Universe”.

The students also attended a lecture on the “Higgs Particle and the Quest for the Origin of Mass” where they received a detailed explanation of how elementary particles get their mass and how, almost 50 years ago, a theoretical solution to this question was proposed, predicting the existence of a new fundamental particle, now called the Higgs Boson.

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