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As part of their AS Citizenship course students were asked to cast their ballot in a mock election held at Strode’s College.  Students got into the campaigning spirit by canvassing support for the eight parties, running as candidates, creating manifestos, delivering speeches and designing campaign posters, as well as casting their votes on the day 
The eight parties presented their manifesto on key issues such as investing additional funding into Schools and Colleges by offering a more vocational route, creating more jobs by supporting small businesses and enterprises with a better infrastructure and by protecting the NHS through training more doctors and nurses.  Mock Elections are an active citizenship exercise and a great way to teach young people about government and representative democracy. It equips them with valuable skills that will enable them to participate fully in future elections.
I’m pleased to announce that the “SUP” party won (Patrick Backhouse, Joe Cooper, Nicole Rawling, Hans Pinto, Megan Hoey, Lucas Masaitis) with 26.08% of the student vote with their party concentrating on Education, Modernisation, Localisation and Equal Opportunities. The “PDP” party (Edmond Umoh, Paige Kidston, Bradley Sewell) came second with 21.73%. 

Also, individual prizes were awarded to the following candidates: 
Best dressed candidate – Scott Whiting
Most passionate speaker – Leo-Nathaniel Gordon
Most likely to become Prime Minister – Georgia Buck

The students will be required to reflect on this activity in their summer exam for AS Citizenship and how it demonstrates active citizenship in their community. The focus in this exercise was to politically inform themselves of UK political parties, evaluating their policies, and then agreeing as a group their own manifesto to present and sell to the electorate. For some, this was their first real introduction to UK politics and having a voice.

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