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Performing Arts Festival

Performing Arts Festival
Strode’s College Dance and Drama students surpassed all expectations when they showcased their work at the Performing Arts Festival at the Questors Theatre, Ealing.  The festival showcased the talents of all Dance students on Monday 24th March and Saturday 29th March (matinee), and the talents of their Acting students on Friday 28th March, including our current show for National Theatre’s ‘Connections’. 

The Dance showcase presented an eclectic mix of pieces from all genres of Dance, ranging from leading Contemporary practitioners such as Matthew Bourne and Richard Alston;  Jazz styles such as Bob Fosse; Physical Theatre inspired by the works of DV8 and Musical Theatre pieces from cult musicals ‘Our House’ and ‘Taboo!’. The showcase was interwoven by student work inspired by using popular artists and art works as stimuli, alongside work inspired by the Modern Ballet practitioner Michael Clark. 


On Friday evening the drama department performed “Horizon”, a new comic play written by Matt Hartley and all about a group of teenagers facing an uncertain future. Following Horizon the students performed an Acting and Drama showcase in which they demonstrated a range of theatrical styles from different practitioners’ studied as part of the drama courses on offer at Strode’s College.


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