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Unrequited Love comes to Strode’s

Unrequited Love comes to Strode’s

As part of the “creative writing enrichment course” we have a mission at Strode's College to encourage emerging writers and promote excellence. To support this mission we have recently ran a poetry competition within the college.

Under the title of “Unrequited Love” the entrants to the competition were all given the same brief to express the concept, experience and/or feelings of unrequited love, which can be experienced in a multitude of different ways e.g. through personal relationships (mixed or single sex), relationships with products or food or the love of an ideological viewpoint.

The top three winning poems can be read on our College Website and are:

Winning Entry
Tale from the Unloved by Abbie Davies

First Runner Up
The Passing of Time and Affections By Daniel Cantore

Second Runner Up
Love and Loneliness: a Geek's Tale By Jes Lucas



Daniel is currently in his second year of Strode's and is studying Music Technology, Physics and Computing and is planning to study Music Tech at University.

We asked Daniel a few questions….

How did he come up with the idea?
“I didn’t want to go down the stereotypical route. So, instead, I started thinking outside the box a little and ran through a couple of other scenarios which could be about unrequited love. I settled for a clock and its owner”.

How important it is to have a creative writing course?
“I think it's very important. Whilst writing creatively is a very personal thing, having the facility to be taught proper methods, be inspired, and to share with others is an amazing thing to have, and a very important thing for anyone who wants to write for pleasure, or who sees it as a career path.”

What poetry means to you?
“Poetry is a raw form of expression, and is one of the best ways to represent your feelings. It’s been a very good vent for my emotions over the years, and an irreplaceable part of culture.”

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