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play success

play success

The curtain goes down on this year’s College play..

This year Strode’s College performed Horizon by Matt Hartley

It’s the last day of the summer holidays and for one group of friends that means there is only one place to be: Horizon Shopping Centre. For some it's a chance to gossip and flirt, grab a milkshake and bargain in the sales, earn some money and catch a film, but for two sisters it’s everything they've come to resent: an image of what their future looks like. As closing time approaches a summer of resentment and frustration can no longer be contained and two sisters stand up and fight for what they believe in. 

The play has received positive feedback across Strode’s college …

“I fell in love with the characters, realistic issues, and enjoyed the expression of their views” Abby
“It relates to teenagers and is really current for Strode’s, as A2 students are thinking about their future. The characters are vividly drawn, the dialogue leaps off the page, and it’s a timely play for a generation facing injustice and the inequality of opportunity.” Jess

 'Being part of the Horizon cast and tech team has and will continue to be a brilliant experience. It has been fun getting to know some of the first years and working with them on a script with such comic potential” Lizzie 


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