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Bonnes Vacances !

Bonnes Vacances !
On the 9th of February, 14 students from Strode's College and 5 students from the Windsor Boys School embarked on a journey to Toulouse, " la ville rose" (the pink city) with a busy program ahead; visits, discovering French culture in a family environment, French classes and cooking! It was a total immersion for 5 days. 

After their visit to the French newspaper, La Dépêche du Midi, the whole group was interviewed for an article which was published in the newspaper on the day of their visit. This is what some of the students had to say; ....

Lucy Gannon (A2 French) said “I had a great time in Toulouse and I feel like staying with families really helped improve my confidence in speaking French. We had lessons each morning and then activities in the evenings; for me the best was the cookery class where we made quiche and all the instructions were in French”. 

Anastasia Waring (AS French) also commented that “Toulouse was a really enjoyable new experience. It was so fun being able to walk around a new town unaccompanied and also staying with a family to see what it felt like in a French family while also getting to know them and so making contacts that could be definitely useful in a foreign country. However I think that the thing I loved most was the food. Most of all eating the food we made after doing the cooking workshop. We went also to the Depeche midi where we got showed round the (newspaper) factory which was a unique experience as it wasn’t quite how I expected it to be.”
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