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Students Challenge The Art World

Students Challenge The Art World


The alTURNERtive Prize

Strode’s Arts Award 2011 - Wednesday 23rd November


Now in its 2nd year, this award is a celebration of the new and innovative ideas, investigation and experiments that our students engage in whilst studying Art at Strode’s.  Submissions are invited from second year Art students studying Btec Art & Design or A Level Fine Art, Photography or Textiles.

Candidates may submit a piece of coursework or an individual piece of work that they may be developing at home alongside their examination.


The judging and award ceremony will take place between 5 and 7 p.m. on Wednesday 23rd November in the foyer of the Tercentenary building at Strode’s College, by our new principal, Anne Fielding-Smith and our Guest Artist, Stephen Joyce, an acclaimed sculptor and former student.


Besides the Award, the prize winner will receive a year’s membership to a Gallery of their choosing for themselves and a guest. 


During the week following the ceremony the public will be invited to submit nominations for the ‘People’s Choice’; this runner up will receive a book token as second prize.


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