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Houses of Parliament Visit

Houses of Parliament Visit
AS Politics students were given the opportunity to extend their learning about Government and Politics by visiting the House of Lords and Parliament in Central London.

The Politics students attended Parliament in order to gain a more hands on and in-depth experience of how Parliament works. They were given a curatorial tour of the House of Lords and the House of Commons. The tour starts by following the route taken by The Queen at the State Opening of Parliament; from The Queen’s Robing Room, through the Royal Gallery and Prince’s Chamber, into the majestic Lords Chamber. The tour ends in the 900 year old Westminster Hall, a place where many historic trials have taken place.

This experience enabled the students to expand on their knowledge gained in the classroom and it even overlapped with History, as it emphasised the historical context of Parliament.

One student said "it was good because it made us feel more involved" in Politics.

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