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Strode’s plays CSI for the day ….

Strode’s plays CSI for the day ….
Strode’s students studying the BTEC Forensic Science course took part in a Crime Scene Investigation day, led by Steve Gaskin from Rightangle Events Limited.
Students were given a scenario that someone had broken into the College and needed to crack the case using their forensic skills.
The mystery started when a shotgun was used to blast open a secure door, plates were disturbed and there was a drinking cup and other evidence found at the crime scene. Three suspects were arrested in the vicinity and the student's task was to establish the guilty party.
The day began with the students collecting and packaging evidence (unidentified white tablets), recording the scene photographically and protecting the crime scene from contamination by using appropriate protective clothing.  The shot gun cartridges were also examined to establish which of the possible two weapons had been used in the crime.  
The students created casts of the suspect’s teeth and to compare with bite marks left at the scene and were taught how to take and lift fingerprints left at the crime scene  and to use these to understand and match fingerprint types and identifying features. Finally the students examined blood spatter evidence
At the end of the event the students used all of the evidence examined throughout the day to determine which of the three suspects may be responsible for the crime.
The students worked very hard and were thoroughly engaged by the tasks set.  They learnt an enormous amount about the skills and underlying knowledge required in the field of forensic science and got some real vocational experience from the event.
Many thanks to Steve and the team at Rightangle Events.


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