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Fiona and Andrea flying high

Fiona and Andrea flying high
Congratulations go to both Fiona Gartland and Andrea Walder for doing so well when they recently competed at the U19 British College Sport South East region trampoline tournament at Richard Taunton College, Southampton.

Both girls performed two routines, starting with the compulsory round, which consists of a pre-arranged set of skills carried out in a set order and containing 10 acknowledged skills. The second voluntary routine must again contain 10 acknowledged skills but can be performed in any order. Like any other gymnastic discipline, competitors have to perform with artistry and grace, as well as technically correct, to achieve a high score.

The fantastic news is that Fiona came first in the competition and will now go on to represent the South East at the National finals in April. Fiona, who started on the trampoline at the age of 3, has been training with the Edgbarrow Club, Bracknell since she was 10.

Andrea, like Fiona started on the trampoline at the young age of 4 and belongs to Ace of Clubs, Richmond. At the time of writing this newsletter Andrea had not yet been placed in the competition … we will keep you posted once we hear how Andrea does.

Congratulations to both girls and we really hope that both make it through to the National finals.


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