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The Award goes to….

The Award goes to….

Every year the Extension Studies Department, award a trophy to the 'Outstanding Citizenship Student' in both A/S and A2. The decision is made jointly by the subject staff, based on set criteria established at the start of the academic year. The criteria includes being an effective self-managed learner, consistently working hard to the best of their ability, attending all lessons whilst observing the Student Code of Conduct and respecting others and the College environment.

This year it became evident quite quickly that Grace Berry and Rose Brown rose to this challenge by achieving all the goals required from this high criteria.

Grace received the A/S award, for her excellent attendance of 100% and consistently produced work of an extremely high standard, showing brilliant communication skills and never missing any homework. This was further realised with an excellent A-grade overall, scoring very high marks in both units. This is why Grace stood out amongst her peers. Well done Grace.

In the A2 year, there was a great deal of challenging material as students were pushed to develop their independent study to a higher level. Rose Brown met this challenge and made it even more impressive by undertaking the A/S and A2 in one year. Rose worked hard on developing her exam technique and ensuring that her work was consistently to the highest standard. Her achievement of three A-grades out of four units was very impressive. Rose has taken a year out before attending either Southampton or Nottingham University to read Sociology.  Congratulations Rose, we wish you every success at university.

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