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A flying opportunity for AS Business Students

A flying opportunity for AS Business Students

A group of Strode’s AS Business students were welcomed by local businesses at a conference at Runnymede-On-Thames hotel to discuss the expansion of Heathrow airport and plans to build a third runway.  The aim of the conference was to give the stakeholders more information about who would be affected by this major infrastructure project. The presentation centred around three plans that have been proposed by Heathrow for the location of the new runway, one to the north of the airport, one to the south west and the other to the north west.  The main cause for concern with all of the proposals is the noise pollution that would affect the localities in and around the new flight path.

The conference provided a great opportunity for the students to gain first hand experiences of how local business  have to think of the long and short term impacts of infrastructure projects such as Heathrow expansions, High Speed 2 rail link and the recent Olympics. 


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