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Knit 1 - Show 1

Knit 1  - Show 1

On the 11th October the textile and fashion students visited the Knit and Stitch show at Alexandra Palace, was bigger and busier than ever.  Some of the high points were the Graduate Showcase, with work showcased by recent graduates, four of whom came from Manchester … obviously the place to go for those of you considering a textiles course!

The Knit and Stitch Show always has an amazing range of work, this year the strangest being the knit covered car and other madcap ideas such as jumpers embellished with lobsters and dogs, and one top trimmed with pink fur with a lamb for the collar.

Other work on display at the show was from the art-based Dutch embroiderer Tilleke Schwarz, who had hand embroidered line drawings in an amazingly painstaking way.  By contrast Canadian textile artist Dorothy Coldwell had produced large scale embroidery inspired by Australia and the Canadian Arctic, coloured using pigments found in these localities. Filling the walls, these textiles were more like large abstract paintings.

In the selling hall there was a market atmosphere, with stalls close together selling all kinds of materials, yarns, beads, threads and fabric for every textile process. Back on the coach the students happily shared their purchases with each other.  


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