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18 year old, Mysha Santini has completed a successful project of designing a new logo for Media Company ‘Media Boom Ltd’, a specialist advertising and marketing sales company for the education sector.


Keen to nurture his students beyond the classroom and into a Media Career Gareth Evans, Head of Media at Strode’s College, helped promising talent Santini to be commissioned for the job after he introduced her to David Clifford, Managing Director of ‘MediaBoom’. That was just the first of a series of arrangements that Strode’s is planning to enhance the vocational aspect of Media Studies for all our students at Strode’s College, whilst helping to improve the reputation and professionalism of Media Studies as a valuable qualification


Gareth Evans, Head of Media at Strode’s College:  ‘David is someone that I worked with many years ago at The Independent when we were both struggling Media graduates. Since then I have seen David’s career go from strength to strength, to the point where he has now set up his own very successful educational advertising business.  We are both fully aware of the challenges for Media students to get into the Media industry.  When I decided to approach David to see if one of my students  could gain real work experience in order to help him enhance his business brand identity, we both saw it was not only the perfect opportunity for my students from an educational side, but also a win-win scenario for both parties’.

David Clifford, Managing Director at Media Boom:  ‘Working in the Media is one of the most competitive industries, and like any qualification these days, that is not enough. Students need to gain real working experience in order to build up a reputation so that can have a chance in this industry. I am really pleased with the work that Mysha produced. She was professional, innovative and hardworking throughout the entire process. I am sure she will have a very successful career in the future.’

Mysha Santini, Strode’s student and designer of the MediaBoom logo: ‘'Working with the guys from Media Boom has been a fantastic experience. It's great to work with a real client from the industry and to gain concise and constructive feedback on a design. Working on this project has been an incredible opportunity, especially as the end design will represent the company and be showcased to all of Media Boom's customers. I'd also like to thank my teacher, Gareth Evans from Strode's College, for setting me up with the opportunity and the support throughout the entire process.'

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