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Experimortal – Students write novel

Experimortal – Students write novel

A group of Strode’s students were recently set a task to write and publish a novel in a week. The students were given the theme of heroism and asked to explore what a hero really is, in line with the brief below:   


1.    Your novel must include an unlikely hero – we want you to break with tradition.  Ideally, your (super?) hero must have some form of disability. 

2.    Your novel can be set anywhere that is real – thus you must research your setting thoroughly.

3.    Your novel can be set in any period of time but MUST end in the present day

4.    You must include in your novel at least 2 flash backs, one of which must be to the year 1820 – this will require research for continuity.

5.    You must include in your novel a sub-plot that revolves around a mysterious parcel.



Students Willow Cobby, Yolanda Ovide, Elliot Cochrane, John Reader-Hanger, Rebecca Martin, Elizabeth Turner, Daniel Cantore, Carmen Bishop and Lydia Thomas with technical support from Joseph Reddington, worked to create the short novel ‘Experimortal’. The students were given the brief at 9am on Monday 17 June and completed the final proof read by 3pm on Friday 21 June.

The artwork for the cover of the novel was provided by Daisy Pullman and Cheyenne Ramsammy.

The novel is currently available to purchase on amazon.


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