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Students visit Salamanca

Students visit Salamanca

On 26 March, a group of 19 Spanish students and staff flew to the historical city Salamanca in Spain. The students stayed with host families, with two or three students placed with each family and were encouraged to speak Spanish throughout the stay. 
All students were tutored on grammar and conversation by enthusiastic tutors and commented on the high quality of the lessons.

The group took part in a variety of cultural and educational activities, including a guided tour of Salamanca and the Cathedral, followed by a traditional evening meal of tapas. Students also had cooking lessons where they learnt how to cook tortilla de patatas (Spanish omelette) and how to make non-alcoholic Sangria!  After the cooking lesson, the group were able to taste the typical ‘chocolate con churros’ and took part in Salsa dancing lessons. During the trip the group also went to a party at a discotheque with local college students and on the final evening of the trip went to see an Easter procession.

Ana Esteban, Strode's College Spanish Tutor said, ‘The trip was as good as I could have hoped for. The behaviour of the students was exemplary – they acted maturely and with great enthusiasm throughout the trip. Salamanca was a great place to give the students a taste of Spanish life and most importantly the students have returned with improved Spanish and a higher level of motivation.’

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