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Strode's College Prize Giving Event

Strode's College Prize Giving Event

On Wednesday 27th March Strode’s hosted the Prize Giving evening to recognise success of students in 2012. Principal Anne Fielding Smith was delighted to welcome former students back to Strode's College to celebrate their achievements at the annual event.

Guests included the Master and Wardens of the Worshipful Company of Coopers, the Mayor of Runnymede, the College's Trustees, Governors, staff and representatives from the College's partner schools as well as award winners and their families. 

The guest speaker was former Strode's student Michael Craig, who spoke about his life as a Coopers' Apprentice and told the prize winners that they should push themselves beyond their comfort zone in order to achieve the very best from life. George Daubney, formerly of Sunbury Manor School and now at Cambridge University, won the prestigious Henry Strode prize as well as the Tercentenary Higher Education Bursary.

Mrs Fielding Smith said "Guests were extremely complimentary about the new style event, which combined some of the traditional elements of previous prize giving events, with a more modern and intimate atmosphere. We are extremely proud of the achievements of all our students, and this occasion enabled us to celebrate the success of those students who stood out above the rest, with parents, staff and supporters of the College."

The prizes were awarded to:

George Daubney (Ex- Sunbury Manor School) Henry Strode Prize

George Daubney (Ex- Sunbury Manor School) Tercentenary Higher Education Bursary 

Ravi Shankar (Ex-Twickenham Academy) Bill Skelton Higher Education Bursary

Darren O’Rourke (Ex- Licensed Victuallers’ School) Coopers' Prize

Joshua Coyston (Ex- Jubilee High School) Coopers' Prize

Harry Rose (Ex-The Magna Carta School) Coopers' Prize

Simran Dhadwar (Ex- Waldegrave School for Girls) Old Strodian Lodge Community Prize

Ruth Shutt (Ex- Thamesmead School) Old Strodian Prize

Harry Rance (Ex-The Magna Carta School) Budgen Prize for Community Service

Kristy Garnett (Ex-The Magna Carta School) Philippa Hicks Memorial Prize for Endeavour 

Joe Miller (Ex- Lampton School) Strode’s Foundation Higher Education Bursary

James Bugden (Ex-The Magna Carta School) Coopers’ Apprentice

Eleanor Trott & Lucy Salmon (Ex- Sunbury Manor School / Hampton Academy) Coopers’ Travel Bursary

Hannah Wilson (Ex- Garth Hill College) The FG Stickler Memorial Prize for Vocational Studies

Joe Miller (Ex- Lampton School) AW Maude Prize For Economics

Jason Blanchard (Ex-The Magna Carta School) Egham Chamber of Commerce Prize for Excellence in Business Studies

Laura Roser (Ex-The Magna Carta School) Egham Chamber of Commerce Prize for Excellence in Vocational Business (Applied)

Tom Arrowsmith (Ex- The Bishop Wand School) J Mylam Gittins Prize For Art & Design

Emma Mainwaring (Ex- Jubilee High School) J Mylam Gittins Vocational Prize for Art & Design

Ravi Shankar (Ex- Twickenham Academy) DM Jenkins Prize For Chemistry

Mica Powick (Ex-The Magna Carta School) Governors’ prize for contribution to College sport

Peter Baker (Ex- Blithe Bridge High School) Governors’ prize for contribution to Performing Arts

Jayne Katete (Ex- The Matthew Arnold School) Principal’s prize

Chloe Flitter-Bone (Ex- Thomas Knyvett College) Principal’s prize


The Travel and Tourism department were really pleased to be invited to run ‘The Hospitality Team’ for the new style Strode’s College Oscars Themed Award Ceremony. This relates to the Hospitality unit on the course, which means the students planning and understanding customer flows and themes. The Level 3 BTEC Extended Diploma group were an integral part of the event planning process. The roles they were given included: directing and stewarding guests on arrival, registering guests and VIPs, welcoming guests on entry. They also played an important operational role carrying out essential duties such as handing out programmes, delivering food to tables and topping up drinks throughout the evening. The students worked very hard when dealing with any customer queries, had constant smiles on their faces and looked very professional; with their main aim to ensure each and every guest had a very positive experience. The Prize Giving evening gave the students an experience of dealing with guests and helped them to understand the more complex issues of organising an event. The students can now use this experience in their project work and deserve credit for their hard work as they had a big part to play before, during and after such an important date for the college.

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