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CSI Challenge

CSI Challenge

On Thursday, 21st March 2013 in conjunction with Rightangle Events, Strode’s College hosted a CSI Challenge called Awakening The Dead based on a 1970’s Cold Case  investigation.

Year 10 students from local schools including Jubilee High School, Sunbury Manor, Matthew Arnold and Christ’s School competed for the Right Angle Challenge Trophy and winners medals by conducting forensic tests on items from the 1970’s. They used techniques that were not available at that time in order to identify the murderer of a market trader, including handwriting analysis, chromatography, presumptive tests for blood, hair and fibre analysis and DNA profiling. They were supported by students from Strode’s College BTEC Applied Science course, specifically Meredydd Carney and Emily Vass who demonstrated excellent communication and scientific skills.

Alison Hawkins, Strode's College Biology teacher said, "The students worked hard, demonstrating very good teamwork and analytical ability. Towards the end of the day, competition became quite intense and the final results were very close.  Ultimately however Christ’s school won after presenting their evidence in an extremely clear and concise manner. All students had a thoroughly enjoyable day and hopefully now have a better appreciation of how science can be applied to real life situations."



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