Cabin Crew students train with British Airways

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On  January 22nd, seventeen second year Cabin Crew students took part in a ‘SEP Awareness Training Day’ with British Airways at Heathrow Airport.

The course which was held in the specially designed Flight Training Centre assessed the students in a variety of aviation safety and equipment procedures including:

▪ Passenger safety demonstration
▪ Emergency evacuation of an aircraft
▪ Using descent slides
▪ Fire fighting in the air
▪ Operating a smoke hood 
▪ The principals of and tools required for survival

The day was a great success and all students received a certificate of participation from the BA staff.

Students said: 

‘I really enjoyed the British Airways training day because it allowed me to see all aspects of being cabin crew.  It also showed me how much training goes with the job!’

‘I found the BA training day really good fun as well as beneficial to my coursework.  I enjoyed learning about cabin crew roles and responsibilities, being in the actual training centre with other airlines staff was also really good.’


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