Der Junge mit dem Koffer

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by Paula Stelfox

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On Monday the A2 German students went to the Shaw Theatre in London to see a performance of “Der Junge mit dem Koffer” or “The Boy with the Suitcase”. The production gave an insight into themes like emigration, escape and inter-cultural relations which are part of the A2 German syllabus and allowed students an emotional access to these topics.


The play told the story of a refugee child who with his parents escaped from a war-stricken country to Europe and how they dealt with obstacles like soldier raids, a fight with wolves, exploiting child labour in the textile industry and corrupt fishermen in the Mediterranean Sea. 


After the production the students had the opportunity to participate in a workshop and ask questions and share their reaction in a conversation with the playwright Mike Kenny (best known for his 2008 adaptation of E. Nesbit’s “The Railway Children”) and the director Andrea Gronemeyer and the actors.

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