Admissions Frequently Asked Questions

Strode's College accepts students from a number of different schools within and outside of Surrey and the surrounding boroughs of London.

Please find listed below a number of frequently asked questions


How do I apply?

You can apply online via our How to Apply page.

When do I apply?

We will begin accepting applications for entry in September 2018 from 1 July 2017 onwards – the on-line applications go live on this date.

Is there a deadline for applications?

We do not have a specific deadline but we will introduce a waiting list when we have reached our capacity. The waiting list will also be closed when it has reached capacity

How do I choose my courses?

You do not need to know all of your definite course choices at the time you apply although it is useful to state at least 2 choices so that we have a good idea of your area of interest. The interview is based around discussions about your whole programme of study and firming up the course choice is part of this.

What happens if I don't know my GCSE results?

Please enter all the subjects that you are taking, along with the target grades as given to you on your most recent school report. This could include both GCSE and Level 2 BTEC's.

I need to discuss my support needs

Students may have a variety of support needs ranging from Asthma or Dyslexia through to more complex conditions. Please indicate this using the tick boxes on the on-line application form. You may request to speak to the Support for Learning department before your interview. Please email our Support 4 Learning team – (subject: My Support Needs) / 01784 437506 

How do I know if you have received my application?

You will receive an automatic email response to the email address you used for the on-line application. It is important that all email addresses are entered accurately on your application as all correspondence will be sent out by email.

What happens next?

Your interview appointment will be sent via email to the Student and first Parent contact as it appears on your application form. It may be some time before you have your interview as we hold several large interview sessions across the year. Please don’t worry about the date of your interview. All students are interviewed in strict date and time order. At your informal interview you will have the chance to discuss your subject choices and if you have the predicted grades required we will make a verbal offer of a place. We will email a written offer within two weeks of your interview detailing the entry requirements. You can accept the place by return of email.

How do I get my school reference?

Please bring your most recent school report to interview. You may also bring along a reference if you have one. We will take your predicted grades into consideration when making your offer.

What happens if I don't pass all of my exams?

We will still offer you a place at the College, but you may need to modify your course choices. This would be discussed with you at enrolment following the publication of GCSE results.

Can I apply for A2 year if I have studied AS levels at another college or school?

We do not usually take students wishing to transfer into the second year of A Level study. Please contact Admissions ( for further information.

Is there someone I can contact if I have any queries about the application form or process?

Yes – please contact (subject: Application Process) or phone 01784 437506 Ext 1290/1291.

Is it possible to apply for a re-start?

We can consider a fresh start but you may need to consider a new programme of study. Please contact (subject: Application for Restart) or phone 01784 437506 Ext 1290/1291 for further information.


When are interviews held?

Interviews take place over several large sessions between September and July (when you are in Year 11). Interviews take place in strict order of date and time of application.

How are the interviews conducted?

We hold a number of large interview sessions across the year. Our interviews are conducted in our main hall and comprise of an individual discussion with one of our experienced interviewers.

What happens if I cannot make the time that I have been allocated?

Please let us know as soon as possible, so that we can re-schedule for you. It is the date of the application that determines your place, not the date of the interview. We are happy to re-arrange, but would like as much notice as possible. Please contact (subject: Interview Query).

How long does the interview take?

Your interview will last 30 – 45 minutes and will be an informal discussion based around your career choices. The interviewer will discuss the subjects you have applied for and will offer you a suitable programme of study subject to you achieving the required entry requirements. If your recently predicted grades reflect this, you will be offered a place at Strode’s at your interview.

Should I bring my parents or carer?

Your parents/carers are welcome to attend, although you are encouraged to attend the actual interview on your own. This leaflet containing key information is given to parents/carers on arrival. Students may also find it useful to read.

What else should I bring with me?

Your most recent school report and your passport or birth certificate.

How do I get to the College?

Travel information is available on our website - a quick guide is also available. Students living in Surrey are eligible to apply for the Surrey Fare card.

I have special access needs

Please let us know when you confirm your interview appointment and we will be pleased to make any necessary requirements.


How do I find out about courses?

We hold three Open Evenings a year - details are available on the Open Evenings page. Our Prospectus is also available.

Can I change my subjects?

Yes, although some subjects may have waiting lists as the start of term approaches. All requests to change subjects after we have sent your offer letter, should be made in writing via email to (subject: Change My Subject).

What are the College exam results?

The College exam results can be found on the Our Success page.

What combination of subjects can I choose?

The advantage of a sixth form college is that you can combine almost any subjects, including A-Levels and BTEC (vocational subjects) courses if appropriate. You will study 3 A Level subjects as part of a wider programme of study. It would be helpful to provide at least two subjects at point of application.

College Life

What are the start and end times of the Strode's day?

First lesson starts at 8.45am (Monday 10.30am) and the last lesson ends at 4.00pm (Wednesday 2.15pm) but you may not have lessons as early or as late as this every day.

How many hours per week are there on my timetable?

Approximately 18-20 hours per week.

What extra-curricular activities can I take part in?

There are many to choose from – Sport, Debating Society, Life Sciences, Young Enterprise, College Play, Student Union as examples. You will choose these activities either at Enrolment or Freshers Fair which is held once you have started your courses.

What happens if I have a problem with any aspect of life at Strode's?

Your personal tutor is your key contact whilst at the College. There are counsellors, and other support staff to assist you. Details of the support available will be given when you join the College.

Is there any financial help available?

Our aim at Strode’s is to provide help and support to students to enable them to achieve their potential despite financial barriers. Our Financial Assistance page provides information on the different types of financial support available.

What facilities are there for private study during my breaks?

We provide quiet study areas in The Learning Resource Centre as well as other designated classrooms. Computers are available for student use.

How many students are there at Strode's College? How many different schools do they come from?

We have approximately 1100 students from 80 different schools across the Boroughs of Runnymede, Spelthorne, Elmbridge, Richmond, Hounslow, Slough, Windsor and further afield.

Will I get help with my university application or help to find a job?

Our Careers and Employability Department are always available to assist you. Your personal tutor will also help with UCAS applications, including applications to very competitive Universities or courses such as Medicine, as well as job references. Weekly student notices advise you about job vacancies and deadlines for UCAS applications.

I am a high achieving student - is there anything extra available to me?

We offer an Aspire programme for students who have achieved A* and A grades at GCSE. The programme will support you to apply to the highest performing universities and most popular courses. You will also have the opportunity to attend additional workshops and lectures.

For Parents

When do parents/carers meet the College staff?

There is a new parents evening before students join the College and then further ‘Meet the Tutor’ evenings later in the new term.

How do parents/carers get reports about the students?

Written reports are available on the Parent Portal at the end of each half term. Parents/carers will receive an email informing them that the reports are ready. Paper copies are available on request.

How is attendance monitored?

Students are registered for every individual lesson and absences reported to students daily and parents/carers by email on a weekly basis. Students with excellent attendance are rewarded and emails recognising this are sent to parents/carers each half term.

How is Strode's College different to a School Sixth Form or a College of Further Education?

We offer a very wide combination of subject choices and often have fewer restrictions on how these subjects are combined on your timetable. The whole College is about the same size as a Secondary School so you will mix with a wider range of 16-18 year olds. There is a level of independence required that you do not always experience at school, which is a good stepping-stone between school and university. You will be encouraged to study independently. All students have a personal tutor who will monitor their progress and attendance. Full attendance is expected although students may have breaks during the day to allow them to work on private study and coursework.


For further information or to asked a specific question please contact Admissions on 01784 228690 or email them on