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Supporting you

Choosing a college is a big decision, we know it’s a big jump from school to college, both academically and socially. If you need support, have any worries or just need some friendly advice, there are plenty of people and services you can turn to.

Support for Learning Team (S4L)

If you face challenges in your learning, or need help bridging the gap between school and college you can get specialist support through Support for Learning (S4L).  We are open to all our students from the very beginning. Every student is welcome to one-to-one support with a member of the team, We provide one-to-ones on general study skills, for example, managing your workload, writing skill, and exam revision.

We welcome students with learning needs or disabilities and we do all we can to enable you to participate fully in Strode’s life. We provide expert help with transition from school or home learning to college. We offer a wide range of support, from assistive technology, to exam access and have arrangements for guide dogs. Please contact our S4L Team if you would like further information about how we can help you as an individual.

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Personal tutor

Strode’s personal tutors will be  very important figures in your life. When you enrol at Strode’s you will be assigned a personal tutor. Your tutor will provide you with a smooth transition from school to college. You will have regular group tutorials and one-to one sessions and your tutor will help you set targets and will monitor your progress through your Personal Learning Plan (PLP).

In the first term parents are invited to meet the personal tutors and are encouraged to contact the tutors should they have any concerns or questions. Tutors also send home a half termly report and are also involved in supporting students in taking their next step, whether to Higher Education or Employment.

As a first year student you will also have a mentor – a second year student, who will give you the benefit of their experience and inside knowledge!

Picture of one of our S4L Team members helping a student

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