What do the Governors do?

The College's Governing Board or Corporation is responsible for the governance of the College. Its other main responsibilities are:

  • To set the strategy for the College
  • To set the financial budget
  • To appoint and manage the Principal and other senior leaders

Being responsible for the governance of the College essentially means making sure that the Principal and other senior leaders are managing the day to day operations in such a way as to deliver the strategy and budget. To do this governors review reports, ask questions and provide support on topics such as finance, curriculum and quality, admissions, staffing, policy and accommodation matters.

A lot of this is done before and during Board meetings and Committee meetings. To gain a good understanding of how the College works governors are encouraged to become engaged in one or more aspects of college life. This may be by following a student journey, attending events, observing some lessons, gaining in-depth understanding of the support given to students who need extra help and so on.

When do the Governors meet?

The Board meets at least 4 times each academic year. In addition, there is usually one Governor training evening and one Strategic Planning Day scheduled. The Board also has a number of Committees and each Governor is usually a member of at least one. The Board and its Committees normally meets on Tuesday or Wednesday evenings during the academic terms.

Board meetings are usually open to the public, please contact Jackie Perry on if you wish to attend a meeting. The Board has the discretion to exclude staff, student governors, and any members of the public from any confidential matters to be considered and discussed.

Who can become a Governor?

It is the aim of the Board to have members with a range of skills, knowledge and experience to provide support and guidance to the College's Senior Leadership Team, and as far as possible, reflect the ethnic, cultural and gender mix of the College's students and the educational needs of the local community.

The Board also appoints a small number of Co-opted Governors, with expertise in various fields, to its specialist Committees where they are voting members. Co-opted Governors are also welcome to attend and contribute to Board meetings, though as non-voting observers. It is quite common for Co-opted Governors to become full Governors when vacancies arise.

The Board is not currently looking for any new members. However, if you want more information about the role of a Governor you can find more information here. If you would like to talk with someone to discuss involvement please contact Jackie Perry

 To see the current list of Governor members, click here.



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