Equality and Diversity


Strode’s College wants you to reach your full potential in an environment which is both respectful and accepting. Equality and Diversity forms part of our core values and we are an inclusive College.

The College is committed to equality and diversity for all who learn, work or use our services. Our culture is one of awareness, understanding and respect. We value differences, for example, in ethnic background, nationality, gender, disability, mental health, sexual orientation, age, religion and belief, gender reassignment, family circumstances, economic and social background.

We want everyone who works and learns at the College to achieve their full potential in an inclusive environment. The College opposes all forms of discrimination, bullying,  harassment, and other areas such as pregnancy, maternity, marriage and civil partnerships. Staff and students throughout the College are expected to contribute to a climate which leads to a sense of well-being, confidence and belonging to the College.

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Equality Information Report - January 2018

Equality Objectives